The Form Rewards Program FAQ

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How do I accumulate my points?

If you have an existing account or registered your email address online had have purchased anything through our website in the past, points would be automatically credited to you (you should have already received an email on this)!


If you’re a new shopper, you’ll be prompted to create an account upon check-out. Once you’ve created an account, the points will be automatically credited to you, which you can use during your next purchase!



  • No accumulation of points with shipping charges.
  • No accumulation of points on orders in which you have redeemed your points.
  • No accumulation of points on orders during flash sales or when you use promotional codes.

What can I do with the points?

It’s essentially a rebate system with THE FORM currency. For every dollar you spend, you accumulate 1 point. You can take $5 off your total bill with every 100 points!

How do I redeem my points at checkout?

    1. Add items to your cart, and proceed to checkout.
    2. You’ll be prompted to sign in if you’re not signed in already.
    3. Once you’re signed in, you’ll be able to see the amount of points you have and how much you can offset from your total bill at the top of the screen.
    4. Click on “Apply Discount” to enjoy the perks of your points!



  • There is a redemption cap of $50 (1,000 points) per order.
  • You will not be able to redeem points on orders made during flash sales or when you make use of promotional codes.

Do I get special treats on my birthday?

Yes, you do! 200 points will be credited to your account on your special day. So do update your birth date in your account to enjoy this perk!

What happens to my points when I perform a return?

When you perform a return, the points that were credited to you for that product will be deducted from your account balance.

Is there a maximum number of points I can redeem per transaction?

Yes, the cap is at $50 off (essentially a redemption of 1,000 points) per transaction.

Can I use my points with promo codes?

No, you can either use your promo code or use your points at any one time.

Will my points expire?

Your points will expire 1 year from your purchase date.


Don’t let your points expire! Log-in into your Account Profile to check on their expiration dates.

Can I redeem my points at The Form's TANGS's counter?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to. All points have to be redeemed online.

Why didn't I receive my points for my order?

Your points should be awarded immediately after your purchase. But do be patient if the email doesn’t come through right away.


If you still face issues or don’t see your reward points being awarded, drop us a message at [email protected] and we will assist you!